New Album + Sheet Music from Neil Cowley Trio

"As my manager says, I'm the most listened-to pianist on the planet — but no one's aware of who I am." - Neil Cowley

For those who don't know, Neil Cowley is a widely-respected pianist who's best-known for playing on many Adele records, including the smash-hit, "Rolling in the Deep."  Now, his long term group, Neil Cowley Trio, are releasing a new full-length album, Spacebound Apes. The album is described as an "exercise in atmosphere and emotion" and includes a guest appearance from guitarist Leo Abrahams, who's also worked with Brian Eno, Paul Simon, and Imogen Heap. Spacebound Apes will be released on the 16th September, and you can pre-order the album on Amazon now.

The lead single, "Grace," has over 1 million plays on Spotify and the latest video from the album, "The City and the Stars," was recently premiered on Clash Music. The band has also released a fantastic interactive website for Spacebound Apes, where you can explore the story behind the album. See the trio play live at the London’s Union Chapel on the 27th October. 

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