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Alexis Ffrench

Alexis Ffrench is an exciting British contemporary composer and pianist who is on a mission to change the way people perceive classical music. Ffrench draws from a range of influences including R&B and hip hop which gives his music a unique flavor, while retaining its beautiful simplicity.

Ffrench's stunning new single "Bluebird" sets the tone for his latest album, Evolution. In his own words, the album "explores the beauty that lies beneath and the truths that bind us."

We were lucky enough to catch up with Alexis Ffrench during his promotional tour of Europe to ask him some questions about his musical background, his inspirations and his advice for budding musicians. Read on to see what he had to say and download the official piano solo sheet music, available now.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a composer

Alexis Ffrench: I started very young, writing whatever I heard in pastiche. I wrote in a big red book and exposed myself to every genre of music in order to learn. I had excellent teachers (Robert Saxton for one) and played my own music in concert (as well as the classics) from age 11.

What does the piano (or more broadly, music) mean to you personally?

AF: Music is how I make sense of the world and the piano is my oxygen.

Who were some of your musical idols growing up?

AF: I had many, but three stand out specifically; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Glenn Gould.

What was the inspiration behind your album Evolution?

AF: The inspiration was pretty specific. The fragility of the human experience: love, loss, longing.

What advice do you have for pianists when they play your scores?

AF: Practice hands separately in the first instance and prioritise the left hand.

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What projects are you working on next?

AF: A film project, my next album, advertising campaigns and also preparation for live concerts throughout the year.

Visit for more info on Alexis Ffrench and a list of scheduled tour dates.

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