Interview with YouTube Ukulele Sensation Elise Ecklund

Interview with YouTube ukulele sensation Elise Ecklund

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Elise Ecklund rose to fame via her YouTube channel where she posts tutorials, vlogs, and covers of popular songs on her ukulele. Her fun and inspiring content also includes writing songs using only her fans' Instagram comments. Ecklund has accrued an impressive 1.6 million YouTube subscribers to date!

We were lucky enough to catch up with Elise during her recent tour of Europe. We picked her brains on why she chose the ukulele, her musical inspirations, and what advice she can give to beginners on the instrument. Scroll down for the full interview.

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Interview with YouTube ukulele sensation Elise Ecklund

Sheet Music Direct ("S"): What makes the ukulele a good instrument to learn?

Elise Ecklund ("E"): I think just how simple and fun it is. It's an instrument that really anyone can pick up and it's not too complicated. You can start learning simple chords and play almost anything.

S: And who are your main musical influences, specific to the ukulele?

E: Specific to the uke? I would say, twenty one pilots. The lead singer Tyler Joseph is probably my biggest inspiration for ukulele

S: What's an easy song to pick up on the ukulele that still sounds impressive?

E: Hmmm, I would say "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons would be a good one.

S: What’s the number one hint or tip you can give to a ukulele beginner?

E: The best advice I can give to a ukulele beginner is to set aside time to practice daily, and to have fun with it! Everyone learns at a different pace, and it's okay if it takes you a bit to catch on! Consistent practice will also put you in a great place to continue to progress on the instrument.

S: And aside from ukulele and guitar, if you could master any other instrument in the world what would that be?

E: Hmmm, I’d have to say piano.

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