Manage your sheet music library with My Music

My Music – a powerful free tool

We're excited to introduce a powerful new tool for managing your sheet music called My Music. Available now for all Sheet Music Direct customers at no additional cost, My Music was designed to make it easy for you to build and manage your personal collection of digital sheet music.

  •   Library: All of your purchased items are now available in Library where you can browse, search, and sort.
  •   Set Lists: Use Set Lists to organize songs for your next gig, rehearsal, or special occasion.
  •   Wish List / Favorites: The new Wish List serves as a backlog of sheet music you'd like to buy and download later. When you become a PASS member, your Wish List is upgraded to Favorites so the songs you play most are never more than a few taps away.

My Music also syncs across all your devices, including our brand new iPad app, so you can access your digital sheet music collection anytime, anywhere.

Log In or Create an Account to check out the all-new My Music now!

Better with PASS

Get more out of My Music with a PASS subscription. Enjoy unlimited access to over 1.1 million arrangements, exclusive curated playlists, and more. Get started now with 30 days free!

Free trial for new subscribers, cancel anytime.

Tips for Getting Started with My Music

Log In and select My Account (☰ on mobile) to access the My Music menu.

Access My Account

Create a new Set List and choose songs from your Library to add. PASS subscribers can also choose from over 1.1 million arrangements to add to any Set List instantly.

Add Songs to Set List

You can also add to your Wish List, Favorites, and Set Lists when viewing a score.

Add to Wish List or Set List

Check out our Help Center to learn more about My Music, including how to print from your library, create a set list, add songs to your favorites, and more.

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