Fall choir season: 14 exciting new choral arrangements

Fall choir season: 14 exciting new choral arrangements

This blog comes courtesy of Hal Leonard's Pop Choral Editor, Luke Talen

This year has a different feel to it. We've begun to settle into new 'normals,' we're thinking consciously (and socially!) about the music we program, and most importantly, we're listening to what our students and teachers have to say.

Those students want to be heard just as much as writers and actors on strike do. How does one stand out in the crowd when the field is so… crowded? How can we consume knowledge, attain sensitivity, and proclaim ideas without overwhelming ourselves and those around us? If there's one that that singing in a choir does best, it's getting everyone on the same page (at the same time). It's about holding our peers up when they feel down and focusing on a singular goal as a group. As your school years starts, make it your mission to have a clear starting point with a solid foundation with which to build your curriculum. Listen to your students and sing about what moves them, moves you, moves your community.

This year's Hal Leonard Pop and Concert music is focusing on something different—something exciting: re-imaginings amidst the classics! There's no better place to start picking you fall repertoire than through the selections below, arranged by the best and most unique choral minds in the business.

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Higher Ground

Stevie Wonder (arr. Matt and Adam Podd)

SSATBB | Choir Audio

This reimagining of Stevie Wonder's hit song brings a completely fresh take to a familiar tune. Inspired by the power of Wonder's poetry and spiritual message, the Podd brothers have taken a stirring and creative approach to the tempo, harmonies, and accompaniment, bringing together a fusion of styles that draw from concert spirituals, jazz, and gospel music.


Miley Cyrus (arr. Mark Brymer)

SATB | SSA | 3-Part Mixed | Instrumental Pak | Choir Audio

Queen of the charts once again after "Wrecking Ball" in 2013, Miley Cyrus and "Flowers" have charged into the pop culture spotlight with no apologies. Featuring a funky and laid-back vibe, the lyrics are factual and affirming rather than scathing. A good-natured oasis for #1 hit choral arrangements.

Badder (from Disenchanted)

Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph (arr. Mac Huff)

SATB | SAB | SSA | Choir Audio

Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph left audiences in stitches as they each tried to one-up the other in their quest to be the most evil villain on the block in Disenchanted. This jazz-infused tango features Mac Huff at his finest, arranging the syncopated, dense material with ease. Full jazz combo parts are digitally available to complete the package!

Apple Tree

AURORA (arr. Katerina Gimon)

SATB | Instrumental Pak | Choir Audio

This song is about the potential hidden in all of us. We can all save the world if we put our minds to it. The lyrics are the thoughts and dreams of young people, and young people will resonate with both the text and the music. This creative and form-breaking arrangement is by Canadian composer/arranger Katerina Gimon, and was premiered by the Vancouver Youth Choir at the World Music Symposium in Istanbul in 2023.

We're Going to Be Friends

The White Stripes (arr. Mac Huff)

2-Part | Instrumental Pak | Choir Audio

Mac Huff's spirited 2-part arrangement is a bright new take on the nostalgic original by The White Stripes, notably featured in the film Napoleon Dynamite. With an unpretentious, easy-to-learn melody and catchy rhythms, this is the perfect back-to-school morale-booster for your young choir.

The Book of Boba Fett

Ludwig Göransson (arr. Roger Emerson)

TTBB | TB | Choir Audio

During the wait between Disney+'s The Mandalorian Seasons Two and Three, viewers got to see just what had been going on with Star Wars' favorite bounty hunter for hire, Boba Fett. Composing the main theme of the new series was film-scoring heavyweight Ludwig Göransson. Featuring guttural shouts and wordless bellows, this is an outstanding feature for your Tenor/Bass choir!

Two Madrigals For The Developing SAB Choir

Kevin Padworski


There is no better way to develop independent singers than with the polyphony often found in madrigals. Here are two such madrigals — "Full Fathom Five" by Robert Johnson and "Do You Not Know?" by Thomas Morley — for the developing SAB choir.


Roger Emerson and Ethan Hanzlik

SATB | Choir Audio

Roger Emerson and Ethan Hanzlik have teamed up to write a powerful and inspirational ballad that addresses loneliness at a time when young people seem to be connected in more ways than ever before. "Hold me, see me, tell me I'm worthy of love. Tell me that I am enough."


Jennifer Lucy Cook


The line between time's reality and its invention is blurry. In this new piece, the lyrics disappear and phrases take on new meaning. We lose time when we try to keep it; we spend time as we try to save it. Time insists upon eluding us; we can only notice the fact that time has been winking at us all along. This music is a way of winking back.

We're More Alike, Than Unalike

Rollo Dilworth

SSAA | Choir Audio

"We're More Alike, Than Unalike" is a celebration of our common humanity as well as those characteristics that make us unique as individuals. In this poem, Dr. Angelou teaches us the importance of recognizing and respecting difference.

Break My Stride

Matthew Wilder (arr. Mark Brymer)

SATB | 3-Part Mixed | 2-Part | Instrumental Pak | Choir Audio

Your singers will definitely "keep on movin'" when they perform this catchy '80s hit by Matthew Wilder. A scat-syllable "instrumental" break will add to the fun!


Ed Sheeran (arr. Cristi Cary Miller)

SSA | Choir Audio

"Photograph" was co-written and recorded by the English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The song is found on Sheeran's second album, x (pronounced "multiply"). The lyrics were inspired by Sheeran's long-distance relationship with his then girlfriend while he was on tour. This selection makes a great graduation song and will be loved by singers and audiences alike!

We Don't Talk About Bruno (from Encanto)

Lin-Manuel Miranda (arr. Audrey Snyder)

2-Part Choir, 3-Part Mixed | Choir Audio

This smash hit from Disney's animated feature film Encanto has topped the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks. The Madrigal family sings of their mysterious uncle Bruno who has a gift for unwanted prophecy. Now available for 2-Part/opt. 3-Part Treble voices!


Nicky Youre & dazy (arr. Alan Billingsley)

SATB | SAB | 2-Part | Choir Audio

Cracking the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, this earworm from LA-based artists Nicky Youre and dazy was a contender for song of the summer of 2022. With a sunny mentality and a catchy hook, this song never outstays its welcome!

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